What should I do? My parent can’t stay at home alone all day while I work.
Many caregivers choose adult day care centers to help with the care of their loved one over nursing
home placement. Adult day care centers offer an alternative for disabled senior adults who cannot be
left alone during the day, but do not need 24 hour nursing care.

If I attend WORCESTER ADULT DAY CARE CENTER will I lose any benefits from Medicaid/MassHealth?
No. This service is offered to Medicaid /MassHealth recipients with no reduction in benefits or
additional costs.

I live alone. Will this help me?
Yes. We offer health services, a warm meal, recreations, and a supportive staff to assist you with
your needs.

How will this service help my parent?
Through participating in Social and Recreational Programs, participants are able to maintain
their level of functioning and enjoy peer interaction. With the inclusion of a medically ordered
treatment plan, participants will benefit from consistent medical care.